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Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network

How Can Kids Help?

We believe that educating the children of our community about humane treatment of animals, the importance of spaying and neutering, and kindness in general is the most important step we can take to better the lives of the animals in our community. Therefore, we encourage parents to talk to their children about these issues and to encourage them to become advocates for animals.

Many people ask if their children can volunteer with our organization. Because of the requirements of our insurance policy, we cannot allow children under the age of 16 to volunteer without a parent being present. Because all of our animals are in foster homes, we cannot provide many opportunities for "hands on" volunteering except for those who can foster. But, many children in our community have partnered with their parents, their Sunday school class, a brownie troop, etc. and have done great things on their own! For example, the 4th graders at Northern Elementary organized a pet food drive, brownie troops have planned lemonade stands and donated money to sponsor an animal, and many children have asked for pet food and supplies as birthday gifts and donated them to us. These are great ways for children to be involved and we welcome their participation.

Here are some other ideas for ways kids can get involved...


Invite Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network to come visit your classroom or school, afterschool group, Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop so that you and your friends can learn about the animals in our program and what we do. Our education presentation is a hands-on one of a kind experience for you and your friends. Have your folks help you email us today to sign-up!


Get the whole family together and sign-up to volunteer with us at one of our many adoption events or fundraisers. Or you can volunteer on your own time and make cookies, posters that advertise animals in need, or really anything else you can think of that might help a critter find a new home.

**NOTE FOR STUDENTS** We have a limited number of "internships" and service learning hours available for high school students. We encourage you to apply early to volunteer through our service learning hours. " 


Whether by yourself or with a group of friends, raise money or supplies for Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network by selling lemonade, asking for donations rather than birthday gifts, sell cookies, or even set aside some of your old toys to donate to our consignment booth at Golden Antiques & Treasures. Every penny helps us help another animal in need throughout our community.


Thinking a getting a new family member? Well consider adopting rather than buying a pet. There are several hundred animals each year that are homeless and looking for a home to call their own and many of them end up at Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network. Talk to your parents about adopting one of them today!


Kids talk to your family about fostering for Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network. All of our animals are in private homes while they are waiting for a new forever home. Please consider giving them a temporary home until we find them a new one. Have your folks email us for more information or fill out the foster application online.


This is probably the number one thing you can do. Spread the word about Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network and encourage others to check us out!

These are just some ideas of things that you can do to get involved but feel free to use your imagination and think of other ideas that can help support Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network and the critters in our care!