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Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network

Sponsor An Animal

Many people have asked how they can help an animal without actually providing it a forever home. If you are interested in "sponsoring" an animal, let us know! We'll be glad to indicate on our site that you are sponsoring that animal. The animal's adoption fee will not be reduced, but we will be able to use the adoption fee to help the next animal instead of simply covering a portion of our cost on this animal. Your donated funds will go directly to pay the costs of feeding and providing veterinary care to that animal.

Our average cost to provide care for animals varies with every single animal that comes in to our program because some come to us sick or injured, some need special food, some are pregnant or have broken bones, etc. Donations made to sponsor an animal can either be made online (please add "Sponsor" and the animal's name in your address information) or can be mailed to 5803 Bur-Mil Club Road, Greensboro, NC 27410.

To sponsor an animal in honor or memory of someone else, please include your honoree's name and address with your check, or if you choose to make your donation online, please send us an email giving us your honoree's name and address. We will send them a letter letting them know that you have sponsored an animal in their name. This is a great Holiday or birthday gift for an animal lover!

Feeds one animal for a month

Helps provide basic medical work, vaccines, microchipping, and castration surgery for one dog or one farm animal

Covers the cost of vegetables, bedding and toys for one exotic animal

Helps cover the cost of additional medical needs - such as heartworm treatment, orthopedic surgery, or advanced
disease care

Helps provide basic medical work, vaccines, microchipping, and castration surgery for one cat

Helps provide basic medical work, vaccines, feed, hay, and supplements for one horse