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Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network
I wanted to send in my success story for Ada (Now Ramsey). He is almost 6 months old and has the best personality. While he probably will only be about 25 lbs, he thinks he is about 70 lbs with how he plays. He loves people and playing with other dogs. He is excellent at fetching and sometimes we call him our little bunny rabbit because he loves to hop through the yard especially through long grass. His favorite toy right now is a donkey and we can say “go get donkey” and he knows exactly what to do. He just learned how to jump onto the couch if he is really excited. No matter how much of a bad day myself or my boyfriend have, he always makes it better coming home."

Jackson absolutely loves his life on Lake Wylie!"

Congrats to the Rial family of Hays, NC on their new family members, Lucky and Irish!"
Rial Family

I thought I would send an update on Shakespeare, whom we adopted last October. He has adjusted quite well to our home. He is still the sweetest boy and loves to be lazy with his sister Zelda. He has turned out to be quite the little hunter as well bringing us a variety of vermin to share with the household. And even though he likes to be outside most of the time, he does like to have his morning naps inside. He has learned how to knock on the front door to let us know when he is ready to come in for food or a nap. Shakespeare is a blessing to our home and we love him very much! I have attached a few recent pictures of Shakespeare doing what he does best…nap! Blessings to y’all!"
The Howard Family

We just had to share with our family at Red Dog Farm Hailey and Destiny's latest triumph. They earned the Beginner Reserve Championship at one of recent 4-H Open shows. We couldn't be happier! They did it one day shy of the anniversary of the day we went to see Destiny at Red Dog Farm!"
Destiny's Family

Ted is doing Fantastic! He loves to play fetch. He is so playful and has a ton of energy! He's our favorite new friend!"
The Cook Family
Fred is a super intelligent and sweet boy that just wants to follow me around the house and be wherever I am. He hasn't met a person he doesn't like. He also learned 6 new tricks! Sit, lay down, roll over, dance, low 10, and hug. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful pooch!"

We adopted Callie in November, and she is such a joy! She loves to play and is so sweet. Here is a picture with her and her "brother." He's 9 1/2, but has accepted Callie and sometimes even has play fights with her. Thank you to Red Dog Farm for sending such a sweet girl to us!"
The Johnson Family

Chima (was Joey) is loving his forever home and thinks he is one of the kids! Thanks Red Dog Farm for making our family complete again!"
The Wilsons

We adopted a pygmy goat from Red Dog Farm, known as Mary Ormond (now known as Ginny) about 3 months ago. At the time of the adoption, we were told she may be pregnant. We were a perfect fit for her, as we have had many "kids" on our little ranch. We are excited to tell you that yesterday she kidded 2 babies. One boy and one girl, who look like their Dad, Blackbeard. They have the cutest grey ears! They are all doing so well and Ginny is a great Mom! We wanted to thank you for allowing Ginny and her kids to become a member of our growing family (we now have 6 goats). We tell everyone about your cause and we hope more people will join in helping all the neglected and abused animals. Thank you for all you do!"
The Slaugenhaupt Family

What an adorable photo! Jessie (one of the Lab/Golden mix puppies) now named "Lily" with her new forever family!"
Lily's Family

It is pretty warm today so I pulled O.Henry's pool out. He was happy to get in. We love him !! He is a great dog !! Just what we were looking for. He joined our family on October 28, 2011."
O. Henry's Family

"Finally" was adopted from us last year and we got to visit him today when the same family adopted "Pete." "Finally" likes to lick his adoptive dad on the head like a dog - pretty cute!"
Finally's Family